• Jyatha, Thamel, Kathmandu, Nepal

Upper Mustang

(16 night/17 days)

In the north of Nepal- hidden behind the famous Himalayan peaks Annapurna and Dhaulagiri – there is the small kingdom of Mustang. For centuries it was an important transfer spot for the trade between Tibet and India, until in the 1950`s this came to an end due to the political conditions. Mustang became a restricted area, and only since 1992 foreigners are allowed to enter the region again. This was one of the reasons why Mustang kept its origin. The Nepalese government tries to leave the area more or less as it is, untouched by mass tourism. In order to be able to keep the number of visitors small (at the moment there are about 1100 per year), every foreigner has to have a (very expensive) special permit before entering the kingdom.

In spite of the fact that Mustang is politically a district of Nepal, it is because of its geographical position in the Trans Himalayan as well as its cultural background of its inhabitants, who practice Tibetan Buddhism, much more related to Tibet. One finds hardly an area in Asia with such varieties as the highlands of Mustang: many different forms and structures due to erosion alternate with colorful rock formations along the deepest valley on earth, bizarre minerals and breathtaking gorges accompany us along the trail. In addition we find fairy-tail hamlets with its characteristic Tschorten (shrines) and reddish painted monasteries, fortresses in all states of decay, shining green or yellow crop fields like oasis, and as one highlight Lo Manthang, the capital of Mustang – more than 600 years old and protected by a medieval city wall. All these impressions are topped with the huge white glacier peaks of the Himalayas.

The difference to this arid plateau in the Transhimalayas could not be bigger to what we will see during the second part of our trip. We will drive down into the green tropical jungle of the Nepalese lowlands, where we stay in a lodge in the Chitwan Nationalpark. On the agenda are hikes in the tropical forest , birdwatching, elefant rides as well as canu trips. Park rangers will accompany us and try to show us the endemic white Rhino, Deer, Antilopes, Gavial crocodiles and with lots of luck a Slotbear, Leopard or even Tiger.

Day 1: Arrive Kathamdnu
Day 2: Preparation for trekking/making permit etc,Kathmandu
Day 3 Drive Kathmandu – Pokhara
Day 4 Pokhara / Jomsom (2,713m)/ Kagbeni (2750m)
Day 5 Kagbeni/ Chussang (2,850m)
Day 6 Chussang/ Samar (3,530m)
Day 7 Samar/ Ghiling (3,150m)
Day 8 Ghiling/ Gami (3,280m)
Day 9 Gami/ Charang (3,482m)
Day 10 Charang/ Lomanthang (3,722m)
Day 11 Lomanthang-Rest and explore
Day 12 Lomanthang/ Gami
Day 13 Gami/Ghiling
Day 14 Ghiling/ Kagbeni
Day 15 Kagbeni/ Jomsom
Day 16 Jomsom/ Pokhara (850m) flight and drive to Kathmandu by private car (1,310m)
Day 17 Departure

Write to us for further details & pricing

Write to us for further details & pricing

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