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Tour Packages

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During Autumn (Mid-September through November) and Spring (March-June)

For a day Trip:
T-shirts, Shorts or light cotton trousers, Tennis shoes/sneakers Swim suit, Sun hat, Sun goggles with string Suntan lotion, Complete change of clothes includes shoes for the return drive to Kathmandu.

For two days or more:
In addition to the above, you are advised to carry extra T shirts, shorts, an extra pair of dry shoes, trousers and a light wool sweater, etc.

During Winter (December through February)

For a day trip:
Warm shirts/sweat shirts or T-shirts Wind proof jacket and trousers, Shorts Tennis shoes/sneakers, Complete change of clothes, includes shoes for the return drive to Kathmandu.

For a trip involving two days or more:
You are advised to carry warm shirts, T-shirts, heavy woollen sweater, extra pair of dry shoes and trousers in addition to the above items.

You can also carry reading materials, specific medication if required, camera, binoculars film, pocket-knife and flashlight.

Please Note:
Two passport size photographs are required for river permit.
One day rafting includes 1 lunch only, 2 days and above on full board.
Day to day itineraries will be provided on request.
Does not cover any personal insurance.
Includes transportation to starting point and from ending point to the hotel.